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Perky Plant Blend

Soil amending made simple! Inspired by Angel Gist, the original Perky plant Parent, this blend of beneficial amendments takes the guessing out of soil building. Featuring Bio Fluf water holding technology, beneficial Bio Nectar Dry microbes, plant-growth stimulating alfalfa pellets, trace minerals, carbon and even worm castings, you are SURE to make your soil and plants happy this season. 

Check out Angel's YouTube channel for tons of great videos

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Perky Plant Blend

Perky Plant Blend is offered in a variety of sizes making it perfect for use in any home landscape or garden. The soil in your raised beds and garden will thank you! You can purchase Perky Plant Blend at

A PERKY Customer!

"Gorgeous golden beets, radishes, green onions, and lots of salad mixes this week from the St. Peter’s farm. These big boys are pretty! We used our organic amendment mix from Texas Earth, Inc and it has made all the difference with these root veggies."

 - Donna with Square Mile Community Development

Amarillo, Texas

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