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Carbon Products

Humic Acid

A biologically active product comprised of complex carbon chains. This product is a strong chelator which complexes fertilizer components by sequestering them to a carbon molecule, thus reducing loss through leaching and volatization. As a carbon source, it increases the water holding capacity of the soil. Humic Acid vitalizes seed germination and reduces as well as buffers salts and bicarbonates. As it increases the water holding capacity
of the soil it also stimulates seed germination and root formation. This product is approved for organic use.

Fulvic Acid

Derived from Humic Acid, the Fulvic Acid fraction is considered to be “plant friendly” because of its ability to enter plants readily and produce a hormone-like response. Fulvic Acid is a compound that enhances the properties of other chemicals and fertilizers when used at low rates. With a pH of 2.6, it works well as a pH buffer when used with other foliar products. This product is approved for organic use.

Plant Based Compost

Unlike manure-based compost products, our compost is made entirely from plant waste.  Therefore, it is much lower in salts and other harmful by-products. 

Molasses 79.5 Brix

This feed grade molasses is a great carbon source for crops.  It boosts plant and soil energy as well as being an extremely effective biostimulant.

Organic Molasses

Food grade quality molasses that is approved for organic use.


A naturally concentrated source of soil humus, mined from the highest quality deposits. The application of humates to any crop will help to compensate for lost productivity that occurs with soil humus losses. Benefits include improving water infiltration, aeration, soil tilth, workability, physical modification of soil structure and reducing erosion losses from runoff.

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