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About Texas Earth, Inc.

Working with Nature to Manage for Success.
Our Company
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Our company is founded on one principal: BALANCE. Soil is the foundation of our future and we must do everything in our power to provide solutions to our customers with the best products we can find.

Environment & Sustainability

Natural products with natural solutions. We are here to guide our customers toward products and programs that not only balance the soil, but also lower input costs and improve yields.

Jim Burnett, founder of Texas Earth, Inc., had a vision to heal the soil through sustainable management and microbial life. His passion was to restore the soil in such a way as to improve the overall quality, increase yields, remediate disease and ultimately, improve the health of the consumer. Soil wasn’t just “dirt” to Jim, it was the key to a healthy life. Being a good steward of the earth’s natural resources drove him to engineer, Bio Nectar, which has become Texas Earth’s premier liquid microbial product.


Since developing Bio Nectar, Texas Earth has added Bio Nectar Dry, calcium, humates and other organically-oriented products to their product line. Continual testing, research and product development is the key to our success in the microbial fertilizer industry. Jim’s knowledge and gifts will live on to further positively impact his customer and the soil. Jim’s motto was always “Natural Balance with Natural Products”.

Jim Burnett


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