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Plant Hormones - Foliars

Organic Gem

A cold-processed, enzymatic fresh fish hydrolysate fertilizer that also works as an all-natural biostimulant. Organic Gem enhances the microbial activity of the soil for better penetration of water and nutrients, thereby promoting deeper root development. This product is approved for organic use and works very well with Bio Nectar.

Crop Booster

An essential aid to complete fertilizer utilization with 50 vitamins and hormones plus other factors in a liquid solution. This product is not a substitute for any major fertilizer program but does aid in proliferation, metabolism, fruiting and respiration as well as assisting crops when damaged from wind, sand burn, hail and/or insect infestation. Due to its strength this product is applied at a very low rate.

Kelp Powder

This organic marine algae product provides natural hormones (cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins) as well as a wide range of amino acids and carbohydrates for the improvement of plant health.  Kelp is a natural source of actual plant hormones and provides organic growers a plant growth regulator.

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