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Bio Nectar

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BIO NECTAR introduces beneficial microorganisms to the soil profile which enhance the biodiversity of the plant rhizosphere. Enhanced biodiversity results in improved crop yields in addition to more efficient water utilization. BIO NECTAR contributes to a more balanced soil by reducing compaction and improving aeration, as well as greater nitrogen utilization. BIO NECTAR interacts with plant roots to assist in providing beneficial plant available nutrients.


While some microbial products are produced anaerobically to accommodate a longer shelf life, BIO NECTAR is produced in the presence of oxygen which results in a more complete and balanced product that will benefit the soil environment with greater microbial diversity. The presence of oxygen promotes a microbe active rhizosphere in the root zone. BIO NECTAR is derived from earthworm castings, molasses, and kelp.


Directions for Use: Dilute one part product with a minimum of 3 parts water or blend to correct pH. Higher dilution rates result in better coverage. Always jar test new mixes.

Application Recommendations: Use on all crops. Sidedress or water run as often as desired per season. May also be spoon fed through drip or sprinkler irrigation.

Compatibility: BIO NECTAR can be used with most commonly used fertilizers. Do not mix with soil fumigants, aqua ammonia, sulfuric acid, urea sulfuric acid, pesticides, or herbicides. Avoid applying with chlorinated water straight out of the faucet without allowing 24 hours for the chlorine to vaporize off as BIO NECTAR is composed of live organisms subject to damage from chlorine or the above mentioned products.

Storage and Handling: Stir prior to using. In case of accidental exposure, flush with water. Temporary staining of the skin may occur. Product is non-hazardous. To ensure ease of mixing and application, dilute with sufficient amounts of water.


BIO NECTAR is OMRI listed. You can download the certification under the Organic Forms link.

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